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Office Hours


Software Consulting for small businesses local to Metro Atlanta

Donating up to 200 annual hours, total, towards one-on-one software development consultations for aspiring business owners, assisting them in navigating the technology and software aspects of their businesses.



If you could do something for free, what would it be? For us, we choose to give back to our community by finding ways to use our expertise to assist local small businesses. Why? Sometimes, navigating the technical landscape needed to launch a project can be difficult. This can be one of the biggest blockers people face in getting to the next stage of their project.

Where’s the catch? There’s no catch, but as more small businesses launch their innovative tech ideas, there may be more need for software development services, such as those we provide.

Please note that due to limited office hours, only a select number of application entries will be chosen for free consultations, and each consultation will run for a limited amount of time.

What can I get help with?


This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. However, the main area we want to focus on is strategy.


What may be considered strategy?


  • cultivating your product roadmap
  • understanding what your absolute-must-haves are versus your nice-to-haves
  • formulating what your MVP (minimum viable product) will look like
  • Discovering what pre-existing tools may be useful for your goals
  • ETC.

Note that we’re not developing any software for you. Though, we can help you understand what the software development process may look like from our perspective.

How does it work?

Make sure you’re eligible

This initiative is to serve businesses and projects that are local to the Metro Atlanta area. If you reside in Georgia you’re eligible. 

Fill Application

We’ll ask you for some basic information on your business/project. We’ll use this information to aid in our selection process.

Schedule and attend the intro meeting

You’ll receive an email that will inform you if your project is able to move to the next step. If so, you’ll be provided a link to schedule an introduction meeting. This meeting will allow us to further evaluate your project to see what your goals are and whether or not we can be of assistance.

Begin consultations

After the intro meeting, we’ll send you an email to inform you how we may assist your project, given your goals. Each subsequent consultation will be aimed at achieving this specific goal.

Project Goal Reached

How does it work?

“…so, what do I need to do, again?”

Do you have any questions?

Send us an email at [email protected]

We’re looking forward to working with you.