About Us


Who we are and why we do what we do

We create the products and services that improve the lives of others every single day

Our Goal

. . . is to be the best at what we do, while educating you on the “why” behind some of the technology decisions we’ll have to make, especially when it comes to keeping what we build today inline with the vision you have for the future. We want you to not only have an exceptional finished product, but to also understand why it’s so.

Our Mission

. . . is to bring new technological innovations to our world through collaborative efforts with new and established businesses and taking advantage of opportunities to volunteer in our community, building and educating others along the way.

Our long-term North Star is to impact less-fortunate communities and their youth through software education.

Our North Star

…is to impact less-fortunate communities and their youth through software education.

Being based in Atlanta, GA, we’ve seen the huge expansion of big business names in our city, despite the pandemic. At the same time, in the US, we’ve seen the increase in the number of new business owners looking to make their impact on society. We believe the way to change communities for the better is right in our name: ideas fragmented across minds and time, coming together to make tomorrow an even better place.

Meet the Owner

Hey! I’m Sam.

Really, thank you for taking the time to visit IdeaFragments.

We all have some mode of creativity. Building software just so happens to be mine, and I love it! Through software, I get the chance to interface with you, other organizations, and tech people with the aim of improving the day to day processes of different people and businesses.

Since childhood, working with computers has been my thing, and I found myself writing my first lines of software code working on an animation project. Now, as I’m jogging, practicing jazz on my guitar, or doing the occasional gardening, I’m often thinking about how to improve that experience through software.

Outside of building apps and other tools, I love making music and posting “video journals”, documenting my journey through life and the things I learn along the way.

We deliver amazing work and want to be on your team.